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Spatial Digital Systems, Inc. (“SDS” or the “Company”) was formed in 2002. The goal of the Company is to develop technologies that greatly enhance today’s wireless communications. The company’s current focus is in mobile terminal products for satellite connectivity. Technologies that developed by the SDS utilizing the digital beam forming (DBF) technology significantly improve the performance of the wireless communication while simultaneously lowering costs. At its core, when matched with an intelligent antenna array, DBF technology greatly enhances the reception and transmission of radio waves which lends itself to both commercial and military applications. SDS has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of high performance but inexpensive DBF technology for commercial terrestrial applications. The Company foresees several large commercial markets for its DBF and smart antenna technologies, which are applicable for fixed and mobile applications. The Company’s technology can also be applied to space-based wireless communications such as Ku- band multiple beam terminals for satellite VSAT and direct-to-home (DTH) services.



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In modern wireless communication, beam forming is a well known technique used to improve antenna gain and eliminate the interference. In such a way, power needed to transmit signals is greatly reduced. Conventional beam forming techniques ......

The Company’s technologies are wholly applicable to both terrestrial wireless and satellite communications markets in which improved performance in reception, transmission and speed can be achieved and speed can be achieved......

The Company’s management & advisory team bring deep and relevant experience in telecommunications, wireless, and consumer electronics industries and speed can be achieved and speed can be achieved......

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